How to use this Manual

The PC MightyMax help manual explains how to use all of the features of PC MightyMax, and provides related information for performance tuning and upgrading your PC. Use the navigation pane on the left side of this page to choose the topic that you are looking for. You will find links to the most popular articles at the bottom of this page.

Overview of PC MightyMax

PC MightyMax is a registry cleaner and system optimization tool. PC MightyMax is not an AntiVirus or AntiSpyware software, but we can recommend excellent free tools for those needs. PC MightyMax can fix many common types of problems with your computer that are related to the Windows Registry. PC MightyMax is easy use, designed with the average user in mind.

How to get PC MightyMax

It is easy to download PC MightyMax (for free) from our website. Click Here To Download Now

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